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I am a democrat that stands strongly against privatizing social security. I advocate for the homeless, the Veteran's, women's right to equal pay, affordable quality health care, and sustainability that prevents global warming.
I believe that as Americans, we have everything we need to reverse the decline of our economy. Together we have the ability to repair our broken Healthcare system through Medicare for All. We need to invest in an All-Renewable energy system that will result in savings for both consumers and businesses, and we need to work together to address the issues of our struggling schools.

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  • 36th Assembly District
  • Kern County

    California City, Mojave, Rosamond

  • Los Angeles County

    Acton, Little Rock, Palmdale, Lancaster, Pearblossom, Quartz Hill

  • San Bernardino County

    Phelan, Pinon Hills, Wrightwood



Instead of minimum wage, we need to strive for living wages that are sufficient for you and your family to cover basic cost of living in specific locations.


We need to continue the fight for undocumented Americans efficient pathways to citizenship, ensure that their rights are protected, and secure the borders in a fiscally responsible manner while guaranteeing immigrants a safe entry.


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